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Love Ukraine

1. What is Buy Ukrainian and how it works?

Buy Ukrainian is a non-profit platform, which was created by Mariia Dovbnia and Anastasiia Ismailova when the Russian-Ukrainian war was started to help Ukrainian brands proceed working during these tough times and save Ukrainian economics. We collect Ukrainian brands in one place and promote the platform abroad (Europe and the USA). The idea is that a lot of people worldwide make online purchases every day, buying clothes, shoes, underwear, cosmetics and many more. So those people, who want to support Ukraine will be able to buy all these things from talented Ukrainian entrepreneurs, who joined the Buy Ukrainian platform. To do so a customer needs to visit the Buy Ukrainian WEB-site, discover the brands, go to their online store and make a purchase.

2. How much does it cost for the brand to join Buy Ukrainian?

It's free of charge for Ukrainian brands to join the platform.

3. What percentage of sales must be paid to Buy Ukrainian?

The products are not sold from the platform - when customers visit the platform, they discover the brands, choose the shop they like, go to their online store and make a purchase directly from the brand's site. So the brands do not pay anything from their sales to Buy Ukrainian.

4. Who can join Buy Ukrainian? Is there any requirements when joining the platform?

The basic requirement is that the brand should be based in Ukraine and have it's own production.

5. How can Ukrainian brand to join Buy Ukrainian?

To join Buy Ukrainian, please, fill in the form here. We will contact you shortly.

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